Friday, June 1, 2012

Historical Justiceism


I'd like to say hi all the idealists in the world.

Above all, I'd like to introduce my new booklet which is an eBook on Amazon Kindle.
This is an English-translated excerpt from my Korean book, "Justice is this" in Seoul, Korea.
All the stories in this blog will start from this booklet.

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Historical Justiceism, Destination of Capitalism Replacing Karl Marx's Historical Materialism

It says that justice itself develped historically with the human society civilized.
This show how to find correct justice in any society, of advanced countries, developing countries, or retrogressed countries.And further what to do.

But, for specific application, we need some deductive procedure.
In this bog, I will try it on specific issues for some time free from my work.

See you.

Jong Tae Chun
Sejong City of State Administration
South Korea

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