Monday, November 12, 2012

Racism is funny. Human beings are of only one race.


It's been long time since I made this blog.
Frankly speaking, I was not sure if there will be even one visitor to my blog.

Now I should start by saying about racism. Because it is the worst misconception in the
world and through all human history. What's worse, it is the origin of the most evil
thoughts, the most evil actions, and the most miserable situations. So we, human, are
forced to start by abolishing any kind of racism thoroughly in any area, in any time.

Actually racism is funny thing. It trys to divide people into different kinds,
even intentionally into different species. But universal truth is this. Any boy and any girl,
from any different ethnic groups separated from each other geographically or emotionally,
can give birth to their promising healthy babies. The most beautiful girl and the ugliest boy,
the ugliest girl and the most hansome boy, from any prejudicial viewpoint, are capable
of giving birth to their promising healthybabies.This simple fact expains everything. All the
humans are the same one race.

The thought itself of dividing these humans into races are absurd. The differences
between people are just valuable characteristics of human beings as a whole. Groups
of people with sun-screening (so-called black) skin had developled a characteristic with
which human beings can live in sunny environment, and groups of people with
transparent (so-called white) skin had developled a characteristic with which human
beings can live in gloomy environment. All the characteristics are shared by intercourse
among all the human, and also shows the alternatives which to take. For example,
if a group of people with transparent skin must live in sunny enviroment for long long time,
they should take the sun-screeing skin as the alternative and become people with
sun-screening skin. About that, It is inspiring to think that a cute baby becomes an old
person after their lives and they are the same person although seeming to be more
different than different ethnic groups does.

So shout to racists. "If you're so sure about that, don't you think I can have a promising
healthy baby with your family member! If you do, accept the fact that we are one family
of human beings!"

Racism is bad not only for the victims but also for the racists. Actually bad for human
beings as a whole.This dare try to evaporate the diversity of human beings which have
been developed through several hundred million years. They are to be denying their
ancestors who made them be born and existent. Furthermore, they are to be destroying
the resources that the ancestors have accumulated developing for rainy days and finally
denying themselves.

Biologically all the people share one DNA pool of human beings, which is the pool of
resources for rainy days. Nature attacks human beings in various ways, geographically,
physically, chemically, biologically, etc.. It is essentially the only human bodies with
which Human can resist the nature's attack. The weopons are accumulated in the DNA
pool of human beings. If we don't have effective DNA weapons for serious attacks, we,
human beings, will exterminate.

So the racist is the traitor that undermine the weopon system of human beings and try
to fall human beings into irrecoverable collapse. Thus we, human, are natural to
exterminate racism to protect ourselves, human beings. We can discuss only about
differences in social systems of ethnic groups, not about race. The terminology itself of
"races among human" is natural to abolish, and only the terminology of  "human race"
is natural to use for all the human beings which is of "only one race".

Happiness to all the individuals!
Long live human beings!

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